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Have you watched Titanic way back 1997? Well, I did not got to watch it at 1997, because I was born on 1999. LOL, anyways, moving forward.. I DID got to watch it, the 3D Titanic, and I loved it. :) ♥ The film gave me tears and it seems like I brought the tears home.. Haha. Now let me explain the “brought the tears home” part..

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Somebody To Love
Justin Bieber / My World 2.0

I just need somebody to love! I, I don’t need too much, just somebody to love.

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This is true! :3 ♥

This is true! :3 ♥

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Why I love Twitter. ♥

Twitter is such a wonderful social network. You are able to connect with your fave celebs here! :> One more, you are able to make new friends along the way. You are able to share what is happening at the moment, it may be something good, like “Hey guys. Now here in my fave Italian restaurant w/friends. Let’s eat? ;)” or something bad like “My sister has such a loud cry. So annoying, but I don’t want her to get my fave teddy bear! NO!” Hahaha, it’s up to you. However, you can’t post endless. You are only allowed to post something up to 140 characters, and that’s the bad part. Next bad thing is the haters (especially when you are famous), well of course Twitter won’t be Twitter without haters. That’s just life & you have to accept it. Nobody’s perfect, but well just ignore them, it will just make a whole topic about you and the hater, your timeline will get full, nah-uh. So stop all the hate! Let’s enjoy more, Twitter here I come! Have fun #tweeting! :”)


I’d love to visit New York. I think it’s such a beautiful, beautiful place. All the streetlights are awesome! \m/ But anyways, of course I love my country, the Philippines, I’m happy that I was born and raised here! All the people here are so hospitable! We’re so unique and talented.